April 9, 2016


Why Join IWC?

IWC membership gives you the opportunity to network with other writers, meet local and nationally-published authors, share your expertise with all age groups, participate in educatonal events and programs, and promote your books. For example, membership includes the following benefits:

  • Listings on the author and speaker sections of the website;
  • Discounts for IWC-sponsored events;
  • Selling books through the web store; and
  • Sponsorship of creative writing workshops given by members.

What are the Membership Categories?

IWC has three membership categories for individuals.

  • Regular members are aspiring and/or accomplished writers who live in Indiana or are active in writing groups based in Indiana. Annual dues are $30.
  • Associate members are aspiring and/or accomplished writers who live outside of Indiana. Annual dues are $25.
  • Student members are full-time students who reside in Indiana or attend school in Indiana. Annual dues are $15.

How Do I Join?

Fill out the PayPal form and purchase the correct membership. Please be sure to include the member’s name and address if it differs from the PayPal account holder.

When Do I Pay Dues?

You must pay dues when you join. After that, dues are paid annually at the beginning of the calendar year. There is no proration for joining in the middle of the year, but new members who join on or after October 1 do not have to pay dues for the upcoming calendar year.

Purchase a Membership

Please select one of the three levels below, and submit your request. It will then take you to a page where you can pay with your PayPal account or credit card.

Annual, Associate and Student Membership levels are available.

  • Annual Membership – $30.00 annually, or $54 for 2 years: For Indiana residents and active members of Indiana-based writing groups.
  • Associate Membership – $25.00: For individuals who have significant literary ties to Indiana but do not meet the requirements for regular membership.
  • Student Membership – $15.00: For full-time students (high school or beyond) who reside or attend school in Indiana.

Annual Membership
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